New Patient

Your First Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with our dentist should be scheduled regularly to properly maintain your oral health. Our team is dedicated to providing you exceptional dental service with ease.

Smile Reminders

Smile reminders are sent to you either via email or text message. The purpose of sending smile reminders is to notify you of your upcoming appointment and to confirm it as well. To set up your preferences

Smile Reminder Authorization form


Our dentist will recommend arriving earlier to your appointment, to fill out new patient forms. You also have the option to fill out these forms online, before your appointment. To complete your new patient forms online, click here.


X Rays

Our dentist will conduct x-rays to review the current state of your oral dental health.


Our Location

Our dental practice is located For more detailed directions on how to get to our practice; please feel free to call us.


Discussing Your Oral Health

It is essential you discuss your oral health with our dentist. Providing our dentist with this information will give a better understanding. Our dentist at Arlington River Family Dental in Jacksonville Florida will assist you with any dental issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, our dentist will discuss proper teeth cleaning methods, along with answer any questions you may have.

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