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Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is needed so that our dentist can examine your teeth. Once an examination has been conducted, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Your impressions are converted to a 3D plaster model which replicates the structure of your teeth and will be used to make the Invisalign aligners. These aligners are then given to you and our dentist will also provide you with guidelines and instructions on how to use and take care of your aligners in a efficient manner.

Invisalign Braces are Detachable

We know that traditional metal braces are not detachable during the course of the treatment. You cannot remove them without our dentist’s assistance. However, Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever you want. Having the option to remove them can be very convenient for you.

Wearing Invisalign        

These braces are virtually invisible. This is because Invisalign is made up of a transparent material. This is why Invisalign braces are not just comfortable but easy on the eyes.

Treatment Time

The traditional braces usually have a longer time frame. The duration of the Invisalign treatment is flexible and may vary upon our dentist’s recommendation.

No Harmful Toxins

Metal braces are known for releasing harmful toxins into your mouth. This is another fundamental reason why patients have started to opt for Invisalign instead. Invisalign is made up of BPA-free plastic and does not have any dangerous toxins that can be released into your mouth.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign braces are easy to clean. You can pop Invisalign braces out and brush them whenever you want. This way your oral hygiene isn't compromised with. You can clean them by inserting them in lukewarm water so that it clears any residual bacteria.


All of these factors make invisalign a great option for you if you are someone struggling with misaligned teeth. Invisalign is said to be a better fit for your teeth, moving your teeth precisely in order to give you a great and healthy smile!

Misconceptions about Invisalign Braces

Invisalign are 100% Clear

The biggest misconception about Invisalign braces is that nobody can see them because they are invisible. The truth is that they are virtually invisible and it can be difficult to notice someone wearing them. However, a person standing relatively close to you will notice the aligners.

Instantaneous Results

Invisalign and traditional braces are very similar. They’re more modern than the conventional ones, but they still take time to align your teeth. They don’t provide instant results and you need to still follow our dentist’s recommendations and guidelines to achieve optimal results.

Being the Right Candidate

Our dentist can advise if Invisalign braces are suitable for you. A preliminary examination with our dentist is important, as Invisalign is not recommended for everyone. Patients who have oral sensitivities to the material of Invisalign braces will not feel comfortable with this option.

Dietary Precautions

Our dentist will warn you against the consumption of several  foods and drinks, in which you need to avoid. Foods and drinks such as mustard, peanut butter, red wine, tea, and coffee should be avoided during the process of Invisalign. It is also highly suggested to avoid smoking as well.

Need for Retainers

If you decide to get invisalign, most likely you will need to follow up the treatment with a retainer just like with traditional braces. The retainer’s purpose is to protect your teeth and to avoid shifting them back to their original position. They are an essential part of maintaining your results.  

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